If you’re thinking about stepping in to the ring as a white collar boxer, you might wonder if you’re ready for the journey. Never boxed before? Doesn’t matter. Feel like your time is running out? It’s never too late. Ready for one of the most physical and psychological challenges of your life? There’s only one way to find out and you’ve come to the right place.


Our white collar boxing training will challenge you like never before. As long as you have the motivation and drive to succeed – the rewards are BIG.

Whether you’re looking to gain more personal confidence, finally face up to a lifelong challenge. Whatever your reason, the experience of becoming a white collar boxer is a life changing and character defining experience. One you will not regret. Discover the real you and realise exactly what you’re capable of as you taste the feeling of standing alone in The Square, opposite an opponent who is feeling the same.

We’d welcome the chance to accompany you on this epic journey towards stepping into the ring as a white collar boxer! And with ex-amateur boxer Martin Dimitov as your trainer, you could not be in better hands.


Martin has trained numerous people who have taken on the white collar challange (check out the video and photos below). Thinking about stepping into the ring for a white collar match? If you’re on the fence and something is holding you back – watch this video from white collar contender Clive Maxheath who trained with Marin for his white collar fight. Clive describes the training, the fight, the sacrifice and what it’s like training for a fight with Martin.

”The training for the fight night was unbelievable. Martin took me from the basics and built me up slowly, focusing on technique and building my fitness. He only arranged for me to spar when he thought I was ready. He was with me all the way – in the ring, guiding me, teaching me. Slowly my confidence developed and I performed better. By the time the fight night came round, I was ready.” Clive Maxheath, THE MAP – MEN’S COACHING SERVICE


The ultimate challenge. The experience, from the training to the fight itself, the whole journey will change you and stay with you for the rest of your life. 


Many boxers of all shapes, sizes and levels have trained with us. A few share their experience below and check out more 5 reviews on Google.

“The Square Boxing Club is about professional experienced trainers, no-nonsense fundamentals and a community led approach. The classes are well structured and incredibly well organised. If your serious about boxing, getting in shape and maybe even stepping in the ring for a bout! There is no better place in London to go….” » Clive

“If you’re serious about improving your fitness and boxing ability then this training is for you. I started training with the square 2 months ago and was bang out of shape. Thanks to Head coach Martin’s intense training I now feel fitter than ever.” » Paul

“Since I have been training with Martin I feel like I can’t proceed with a fight if we haven’t been training. The body doesn’t feel ready its a weird situation – like something is missing from inside me. One thing that I really appreciate about Martin is how tough the training is. He wouldn’t let anyone do a session that he hasn’t done himself.” » Elvis

“One of the best trainers I had the honor of meeting in London. Can’t wait for these travel bans to lift so we can train together in person again.” » Brad

“The training session are so intense you forget what being alive feels like. Best gym ever if I’m not boxing for that gym I won’t be a boxer at all!!! Being unfit is crime 👊” » Giz

“I began training as a complete beginner and wish I’d started sooner! Not only has my level of fitness rocketed but also changes in my confidence and mood. Sessions with Martin are intense and you will always be pushed to and beyond your limit, reflecting the continued dedication and drive he has towards those who want to learn.” » Lauren


Would you like to learn to box? Build your fitness? Or both?
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