Running is an essential part of any training programme. Whether you’re looking to boost an existing fitness regime or would like to run to keep fit, you will receive a running session programme designed with you and your abilities in mind.


Your running will be assessed to help you adopt the most suitable running techniques for you and your unique body type. Customised running sessions will test your endurance, strength and challenge yourself to reach new limits.

Track running is a very different experience, compared to outdoor running, if that’s what you are used to. It’s a highly efficient way to improve your endurance and fitness. Run towards your personal best. Set your goals – whether you’re training for an event or to boost your fitness, our personal trainer will help you run at your best to enhance any training regime.

Contact us now and get ready to run your personal best in no time. You can also call us on +44 (0)7943 578490 or email if you’d like to discuss personalised track sessions with THE SQUARE BOXING CLUB!


Looking for the edge? Whether you’re planning to run a marathon, iron man challenge, step into the ring or just want to enhance your fitness – track running can massively increase your stamina and strength. 


We’ve been training all sorts of shapes, sizes and aspirations for years. Read all of our 5 client reviews on Google and a few below…

“The training at The Square is outstanding, both for PT and small group classes. You will be challenged, and pushed, you will get fitter, leaner, learn an amazing new skill, and most importantly, you will have a really good time doing so.” » Honey

“I began training as a complete beginner and wish I’d started sooner! Not only has my level of fitness rocketed but also changes in my confidence and mood. Sessions with Martin are intense and you will always be pushed to and beyond your limit, reflecting the continued dedication and drive he has towards those who want to learn.” » Lauren

“A friendly and welcoming club for everyone. No fancy nonsense, no empty promises, but professional training, advice and guidance so that with good old- fashioned HARD WORK you get great results! In 6 months I lost the excess weight I had built over the last 7 years. The Square Boxing Club turned my life around, and I’m just one of many examples.” » Steve

“One of the best trainers I had the honor of meeting in London. Can’t wait for these travel bans to lift so we can train together in person again.”
» Brad

“It’s a great pleasure to train every week at The Square Boxing Club! Martin will push you every time out of your comfort zone but always by taking into account your personal level. It’s amazing to learn boxing skills with a real professional!” » Frederic

“If you’re serious about improving your fitness and boxing ability then this training is for you. I started training with the square 2 months ago and was bang out of shape. Thanks to Head coach Martin’s intense training I now feel fitter than ever.”
» Paul


If you’re looking for boxercise, you’re in the wrong place. Our training offers best in class coaching and expert knowledge when it comes to boxing, fitness and how to build a strong foundation for lasting success.

Expert Coaching

Trained by some of the best coaches in the UK and Europe, our highly qualified boxing coach knows exactly what it takes to get results and is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals.


All our members get the full support and accountability of our coach. If you show up and do the work, your coach will keep you on track and to make sure you’re progressing towards your goals.


Looking for inspiration? Be part of our boxing and fitness community and get the chance to interact with like-minded people to train with, share success, spur each other on and inspire. 

1:1 Coaching

Session sizes are deliberately kept small, so our coach has enough time to give everyone individual coaching throughout each session and in line with your goals. So you get exceptional value, every time.


You can train as hard as Tyson, but if your nutrition isn’t good,  you’ll struggle to get the results you want. We offer help with nutrition and how best to suppport your training, please contact us for details.


Up for a challenge? We often run challenges for a bit of a fun and extra inspiration to keep you active in between sessions, and for a bit of fun and light competition!  


Would you like to learn to box? Build your fitness? Or both?
If you’re unsure where to start, get in touch to book a free phone consultation with our coach.