Running Sessions

Great! Don’t Stop! Keep on Running!

Running is an essential part of any training programme. Whether you’re looking to boost an existing fitness regime or would like to run to keep fit, you will receive a session programme designed with you and your abilities in mind.


We will assess your running and help you adopt the most suitable running techniques for you and your unique body type. Test your endurance, strength and challenge yourself to reach new limits.

Track running is a very different experience, compared to outdoor running, if that’s what you are used to. It’s a highly efficient way to improve your endurance and fitness.


Run towards your personal best. Set your goals, discuss them with your personal trainer and get ready for hard work. There is NO miracle diet, NO new wonder way to lose weight and get in shape, NO magical training regime. It is up to you and your power of will. Let our coaches do the rest.



Contact us now and get ready to run your personal best in no time. You can also call us on +44 (0)7943 578490 or email if you’d like to discuss joining track sessions with THE SQUARE BOXING CLUB!


Running Sessions