Gym & Home training

Don’t have the time to exercise? It’s no longer a plausible excuse. We have a solution – you can now get fit and tone up wherever you want – at home or at your nearest gym. Whenever you can fit a workout in to your busy schedule, we’ll meet you there and the exercise can begin.


Gym & Home training can save you lots of time. Just make sure you contact one of our experienced coaches to prepare the right training program and instruct you to get the training equipment required.


Imagine dedicated professional and amateur boxers with national and world titles are just a moment away and can be your personal trainer at home or at the gym.  This is now possible. A special training program will be designed with your abilities and desired result in mind.


Book a time for a professional trainer to come to you at the most convenient time. Just contact us on +44 (0)7943 578490 or if you’d like to discuss or book gym and home training with THE SQUARE BOXING CLUB!


“Martin has a sixth sense for how much you can push yourself and it’s way beyond what you think you can do. When you’ve done it, you realise he knows you far better than you do yourself and opens up new world’s of potential within you. The results are incredible and most importantly he gets you fit in a whole new sense.” Charles, CFA, Scalable Finance